Singer/Songwriter Married Duo.

Dan Tritle & Karla Oleson Tritle

Since the late 90’s we have been avidly recording when we can and always performing! In 2010 we signed a contract with Lamon Record Label, Nashville, TN and are excited about the opportunities!

Key Accomplishments

  • Grammy Nomination
  • 2 Dove Award Nominations
  • ‘Club Fed’ movie given go ahead for development

Beginning a synopsis of Dan Tritle’s experience & development since meeting Henry Landon in 2001.

Yankton 1999-2001

Key Accomplishments

  • Dan taught music and wrote over 400 songs of multiple genres
  • Idea for ‘Club Fed’ is born
  • Dan wrote theme song for ‘Club Fed’

March 2001

Dan works full time for landscaping firm

December 2002

  • Married Karla Oleson
  • Started ‘Dan Tritle Construction Company’, began saving to produce 1st CD
  • Form ‘Rythmicure’ Band
  • Play regular band schedule


Began a 2 year gig as a house band in areas prime live music venue.

June 2006

Dan and Karla became Directors of Contemporary Music for United Methodist Church

Winter of 2009

Complete recording of 1st CD; ‘Hard Task of Love’


Key Accomplishments:

  • Signed contract with Lamon (pronounced LaMon) Records/Song Distribution for 1st CD ‘Hard Task of Love’
  • Release 1st nationwide single: ‘Thank You God’ from ‘Hard Task of Love’ CD
  • “Thank You God’ reaches #9 on European Christian Music Charts
  • *** ‘Thank You God’ reaches #46 on the Top 100 Most Requested Lyrics of Christian Music 2013***
  • *** ‘Thank You God’ music video reaches # 86 on the Top 100 Most Watched Adult Contemporary Music Videos in 2013***


Key Accomplishments:

  • Release CD of re-written classic rock tunes designed for Christian Music. CD is titled ‘Solid Rock’
  • ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ from ‘Solid Rock’ CD reaches #17 on Adult
  • Contemporary Christian Music Chart and #28 on the Roots Top 100 Music Report
  • The videos from ‘I Can See Clearly Now and ‘Rock, Rock, Rock’ (both releases from ‘Solid Rock’) are #88 and #51, respectively, on the Roots Music Report Top 100 Adult Contemporary Videos
  • Multiple songs off the ‘Solid Rock’ CD were chosen to be included in multiple compilation CD’s put together by Sony Music. (available on i-tunes)
  • *** ‘Solid Rock’ reaches #19 on Weekly Top 50 Religious Album Chart March 2014***
  • ***’Solid Rock’ reaches #4 on Weekly Top 50 Gospel Album Chart March 2014***


Key Accomplishments:

  • Release 1st fully produced/ all original material CD with Lamon Records/Sony Distribution The CD is titled ‘Secret Garden’
  • The 1st single, ‘Stay’ is released worldwide and charts very well. It reaches #12 on the Top 50 Christian Spin Charts, March 2014
  • ‘Stay’ music video is released and nominated for Top Video at the Glory Reelz Christian Film Festival Awards 2014
  • ‘Stay’ reaches #10 on Weekly Top 50 Gospel Song Chart, March 2014
  • ‘Secret Garden’ CD is nominated for a Christian Music Dove Award for Top Contemporary Christian Album, August 2014
  • The song ‘Feels So Naturally’ from ‘Secret Garden’ CD is featured in an Indie Movie Soundtrack
  • ‘Secret Garden’ CD receives a Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Christian CD in Nov. 2014
  • ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ reaches #4 and ‘Stay’ reaches #80 on the Roots Music Report Top 100 Religious Song Chart of 2014


  • Key Accomplishments:
    The second single release, ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ from ‘Secret Garden’ is released and excels to number one on Top 50 Religious Song Chart, May 2015
  • ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ receives a Dove Award Nomination for Top Pop Contemporary single, July 2015
  • Discussions begin with Elevated Motion Pictures/Sony about ‘Club Fed’
  • The ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’ video is picked up by multiple outlets for worldwide play
  • The 3rd release from’ Secret Garden’ is the title song; ‘Secret Garden’ is in its 2nd month of release and is climbing the charts. We are awaiting reports
  • The video for ‘Secret Garden’ has been released and is rumored for critical acclaim. The essence of the ‘Secret Garden’ CD is expounded in this video
  • Renowned Nashville studio musicians were used for instrumentals on ‘Secret Garden’
  • Popularity of the ‘Secret Garden’ songs resulted in a ‘Secret Garden Karaoke’ release of the instrumentals
  • Because of Dan’s farming background, he & Karla were featured in “American Cattlemen’ magazine, Feb. 2015
  • Working on establishing outline for the ‘Club Fed’ movie/series
  • Dan explores pitching other genres of his music to other artists, including ‘country’
  • Based on the success of ‘Secret Garden’, Lamon Records suggests ‘Rythmicure’ does the music.
  • This country music project will be called ‘The Dan & Karla Project’
  • Recording of said ‘Project’ has been completed; all songs by Dan Tritle